Commitment to Donors

Football for Refugees gives you the following commitment:

  1. The welfare of the children with whom we work is our paramount concern.
  2. Your donation will be spent exclusively on the needs of the organisation, that is the organising of football training and tournaments for refugee children.
  3. Volunteers will pay for their own flights and accommodation and board wherever we operate.
  4. Your donation will be recorded and feature in our accounts.
  5. All expenditure of the organisation will be monitored by the Board of the organisation.
  6. All fundraising activity is presently coordinated by the Board of the organisation.  In the event that volunteers or third party fundraising occurs in the future, the Board will adopt guidelines for that process.
  7. We will at all times conduct ourselves within the confines of the laws of the Republic of Ireland, and any country in which we operate.  In particular we will observe the provisions of the Charities Act 2009 and Data Protection Act 1988 as amended.
  8. Our organisation will publish its first accounts within 6 months after the close of its first financial year, which is the 20th October, 2017.
  9. Our organisation will at all times respect the principles set out in the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.
  10. We are committed to the principle of equality and it informs all our activities.

For more information on principles relevant to fundraising in the charity sector in general, please visit:


Feedback and Concerns

If you as a Donor or concerned member of the public have any issue which you wish to raise with the organisation please email:

Cormac Macnamara at